11:00 - 12:00
28 October 2020

Opening Plenary | FutureScan: The Disruptive Technologies That Will Shape the 21st Century

General / Main

Forget the incremental stuff. Get ready for the big technological changes that will change our world. Billion-dollar spacecraft are being replaced by student-designed cubes that cost less than a luxury car. Robots are poised to take over driving and manufacturing, sure, but also design, cuisine, even romance. Military-funded research programs won’t just read your mind, they'll write new information into it. And when AI lines up alongside the technological ability to rewrite our genetic code, the combination could give us power over life and death itself. Jacob Ward, former editor-in-chief of Popular Science, has spent a career forecasting the future, and in this talk he describes the world’s most dramatic and disruptive technological breakthroughs, and what they’ll mean to you.